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Team Leader

Real Estate & Construction                           


Commercial Real Estate

Leasing, Marketing, Commercial Management, Technical Management


On the Real Estate market Olga knows all brokers, marketers, specialists in the development and management of tenant relations & leasing. She has no equal in the areas of Property & Facility Management on Moscow market.

"Formats, concepts and technologies are changing constantly. But what remains unchanged is that the key to success of any project is a diligent and talented team."


Consultant of Practice                            

Real Estate & Construction  


Commercial and residential real estate                                                            
Construction and Engineering                     


Design, Engineering, Construction, Project Management – Elena had thoroughly studied these areas of Real Estate & Construction industries. She forms teams for projects in residential and commercial real estate, easily copes with complex challenges, and attracts talented professionals to the Customers.

"Cities are transforming, buildings are being constructed and modernized, more technologically advanced facilities make us happier every day! All this is feasible thanks to good teams, emotionally-charged for the implementation of their goal."


Consultant of Practice                           

Real Estate & Construction


Residential real estate

Project Management, Construction, Marketing, Commercial Management


Recruitment of management for companies in the residential real estate is the direction, which Ksenia successfully develops. Her network of business contacts numbers several thousand specialists and construction unit managers in Project Management, as well as professionals in Marketing and other business areas. 

"In order to be successful, you need to constantly learn new things and develop professionally. I'm glad to be the part of the Gravity Team, because here it happens all the time."


Consultant of Practice                                    

Legal & Finance


Commercial and residential real estate


Lawyers, Financiers, Investment Specialists, Asset Management


Retail companies and companies in commercial and residential real estate! Azat is ready to introduce to you the most promising candidates of the top and middle level, specializing in Law and engaged in Financial and Investment sphere. 

"What leads to success in our work? The speed of implementation of the project tasks, expertise of the consultant in a particular field, as well as its business outlook. All this together allows us to understand customer problems and to quickly help in their solving."


Consultant of Practice                             

Real Estate & Construction     


Luibov searches for management specialists for shopping and business centres, Operating Directors and Directors of E-commerce, as well as managers for Retail and Fashion companies. Professional background and ability to coordinate several projects at the same time help her to successfully cope with her task within the framework of Gravity – to ensure the submission of a diverse pool of high quality candidates for Clients. 

"Every project requires both teamwork but and personal commitment to implement projects that at first seem impossible to carry out. I like to throw myself challenges, find creative solutions and enjoy success with colleagues."


Head of Practice                           

Healthcare & Life Sciences 


Providing pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with the best top and middle managers at the market – that is the main goal of Nadezhda, who is leading the practice “Healthcare & Life Sciences” in Gravity.

With more than 10 years of experience in management selection in “ANCOR” and more than 7 years – in In-house HR in “Mars” Corp., Nadezhda is able to win over the most reserved candidates and provide the wide range of suitable candidates to our clients. 

"The real business should be built only for the benefit of the customers. In that case, generated profit is the reasoned and natural feedback."


Consultant of Practice                   

Healthcare & Life Sciences


Natalia is engaged in the search for the genuine talents of the Russian and international Pharma Industry for Gravity’s clients. Her goal is to fill our internal candidates’ database with the most successful and prospective professionals. Natalia’s searching areas include both specific for the Pharma professions, such as medical advisers and representatives, and generalists, aiming to build their career in Healthcare & Life Sciences.   

"I like to see how we change one’s life to the best, and complete the puzzle of clients’ needs and candidates’ abilities. The companies are gaining their profitability with the help of each successful employee, and I enjoy being the person, who finds the key to solve the most challenging cases!"

About Us



Professionalism for us is the combination of experience and expertise, that allows us to develop our own vision of the market. Considering every project from the both sides – of our Clients’ and of our Candidates’ as well – we reach the highest grade of understanding of the project, and preserve our identity at the same time.   


We meet our future candidates just walking on the street or sitting in a café; we can find out that the perfect candidate for a complex position is living or working in our neighborhood.  We don’t create any boundaries for our search areas.


Starting a project, we do our best to build partner relationships with every Client and every Candidate we meet. On the completion of the project, we continue developing and improving this partnership. 

Loving what we do

For our Consultants selection of managers and search for talents is a way of life, not just a job.


Through more than 7 years in personnel consulting we gained the experience, that allows us to consider and analyze each project we take from various angles. Our approach is specified and people-oriented.  We rapidly and precisely provide our clients with the most relevant candidates.


We take for granted individual approach to each client and aim to provide services, exceeding our Client's expectations.

Decvoted to the profession

We appreciate the credit, given us by our Clients, and understand the significant impact of our work not only on the business processes in the companies, but also on its inner climate and future success. That’s why we take recruitment as a specific lifestyle and philosophy.



Healthcare & Life Sciences 


The consultants of Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice are aiming to provide companies on pharmaceutical market with the specialists, capable to lead project teams to success, to organize launches of new products, to establish distribution of medical equipment and innovative medicines and to strengthen our health and improve quality of life in the future!

Gravity Team is specializing on a comprehensive search of rare specialists and top-managers for:

  • international and Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers;
  • medical equipment and products manufacturers;
  • pharmacy chains and distribution;
  • research and educational organizations.

Real Estate


When we form the teams for our Clients in Real Estate, we bring to life someone else's dreams of a cosy home, a comfortable office or the original leisure and shopping. It is very responsible task for us so we turned our job into a lifestyle.

We work with residential and commercial real estate, helping to bring the professionals to the team at various stages, from design and investment to management of commissioned sites or its realization.

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