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Our Advantages


Working in Gravity is more than just a job, it's a lifestyle.

We are distinguished by:

the spirit of entrepreneurship, involvement of each team member in business development

ambition and desire to become the best in our profession

the ability to go beyond the usual solutions, adopting innovative approach in work and in life

freedom of creativity, expressing yourselves and realizing your potential

teamwork and work–life balance – it's all about us!

What will you get with Gravity?


  • Working with interesting clients

Gravity is partnered with brand-name companies, directly communicating with the business (70% of our customers), and representatives of HR departments, offering comprehensive solutions for the selection of top managers and rare specialists.

  • Training and development

The first 4 weeks is a period of active training and tutoring. Each new member of Gravity Team gets a “buddy” (tutor) who helps to understand the details of our working process and to join the working rhythm during this period.

In Gravity, you constantly develop your Soft-skills, delve into the different businesses of our customers, live rich and active live, attend workshops, industry events, and meet with business representatives and candidates.

  • Financial growth

Gravity offers one of the best motivation systems on the market: a progressive scale from 10% to 40% of the net income of the hired Candidate per annum. The average income of a consultant a month is 150,000 – 250,000 rubles including bonuses, and the upper limit is determined by the abilities of each Consultant.

The bonus system is directed to the Consultants for them to predict their income, effectively plan their future work and realize their financial ambitions.

Additional motivators are regular internal contests, mini-competitions and quarterly and annual bonuses, including foreign trips and various types of activities in Moscow.

Examples of past awards:

  • trip to Yerevan;
  • trip to USA;
  • as our team events – karting, team photo session, visit the SPA, Panda Park, cooking classes.
  • Team

Working in Gravity, you can be sure that among your colleagues there will be the person who will be able to answer any of your questions and help you with the solution to any problem.

We conduct internal meetings weekly to discuss working methods and share new ideas for their improvement. We help each other to achieve success, and thus to develop and rise our business.

All our colleagues are well educated, energetic and positive-minded people with a wide range of interests. We don’t just work effectively but have fun together as well!

Join the team!

Gravity Recruitment

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Gravity Recruitment

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